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Tax Projections

Need to know how you should file next year?  Maybe you have a few "what if" scenarios you need us to run.  Whether it's planning for a divorce, selling a business, taking money out of retirement, or selling investments, it's good to know what the tax impact will be. 

We can help you determine what you can expect your taxes to be under different circumstances so you can decide how to proceed.  We can project by year, situation, income, or filing status. 

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"I would recommend this organization to anyone who wants precise, professional help with their bookkeeping and taxes."

"I would never consider having my taxes prepared anywhere else. Nobody really enjoys tax time, but I can say without hesitation, that I look forward to spending a few hours with Barbara every year."

"Thank you for answering my questions about my new business and setting up my QuickBooks! It's great to know I always have a source to turn to who's friendly and knowledgeable."