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Unfiled Tax Returns

As technology improves, the IRS and state agencies are finding more taxpayers who haven't filed their tax returns.  Whether you have yet to receive a notice, it's important to get your returns filed. 

If tax is owed and reminder letters are sent and unanswered, the IRS is likely to file a substitute return on your behalf and send you a bill for tax owed, plus penalties and interest.  The downside to this is that a substitute return omits the deductions or credits you are entitled to, and may show more taxes owed than if you had actually filed the return.  

Worse yet, if a return is not filed within three years of the April filing deadline, Federal refunds become the property of the US Treasury.  Millions of dollars in refunds go unclaimed each year because no return was filed or it was filed incorrectly.

We can help you get your tax returns filed and behind you.

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