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IRS or State Audit Representation

Receiving an IRS or state taxing authority audit letter in the mail can ruin the best of days. If an audit or tax adjustment is pending, don't try to handle it alone.  Bring in your notice or letter, tax return (if one was filed), and source documents so we can determine the problem and how to resolve it.  If your issue is due to an error or omission when your return was prepared there could also be errors or missed deductions in your favor. 

Many taxpayers needing audit assistance have failed to file their return, prepared their own tax return, or had their return prepared incorrectly by somone lacking experience. Taxing agencies look at everything to determine if all income was reported accurately and if proof can be provided for the deductions that were claimed.  However, the IRS will not look for unclaimed deductions you or your tax preparer may have missed.

We can determine how your return should have been filed.  If you have missed deductions or errors in your favor they can be brought to the auditor's attention.  We can also look over the auditor's findings before it is finalized, to make sure you get the best outcome possible.

A typical audit results in one of three scenarios: 

  1. The auditor determines you owe tax (with penalties and interest). 
  2. The auditor receives complete documentation from you that justifies the tax return was correct as filed and nothing is owed. 
  3. You get a refund plus interest because of unclaimed deductions or errors on your original return.

If you wish to meet with us one time or over the course of the audit process we are here to help.

Please note:  If you ignore notices or fail to comply with the Auditor's requests, the IRS or state agency will recalculate your return based on the information they have on hand, adding on penalties and interest.  Failing to pay tax that is due could result in tax liens or levies.

If you've received an audit or other tax notice, please call us at (406) 543-7667 or send us your contact information below to receive a free 30 minute consultation.

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